PureSun Quasar PL-L 2.0 pink 36W

Double sided (PL-L) low pressure face tanner. Powerful lamp with 2.0% uv-b

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Extra strong variant for the double 36W facial tanner lamp in appliances from Alisun, Sunvision, Cyrano, Beautysun, Eurosolar and others.

  • Length 405mm
  • Can replace all other 36W PL-L lamps
  • 2.0 % UVB
  • Power: 36W

When changing tanning tubes do not forget to change the starter as well. In that case use the Philips Bodytone 25-100W Starter (1 piece for each lamp)

Length: 405mm
Lamp Wattage: 36W
UVB / UVA: 1.5%
Cap/Base: 2G11
Maximum service life: 500 h
Reflector: No