Other parts Alisun

Min: €0 Max: €500

All other parts for Alisun sunbeds like:
Fan's, electronics, body parts, lamp holders, starter holder etc...

For Sunbed brand

Hapro model:

For Alisun model:

PL-L lamp holder horizontal 22-28mm


Discontinued: PL-L lamp holder for eg Sunvison models Alisun. Adjustable: 22-25-28mm. The above is the distance between the lamp and point of attachment of this holder.

Ballast 100W


For all tanning lamps with 100W

Mounting kit kombi Allura or Ambiance


Complete mounting kit for the Alisun (EuroSolar) combi models. Fits all models (exception: E-models)

RFI filter Alisun


Replacement RFI filter for Alisun sunbeds. We ship the netfilter on the second image.

Endcap for Alisun Allura and Ambiance


Endcap for the models: Allura, Ambiance, Expression, Desire and Sunstar.
This is an original Alisun part. Only available in the color as shown. Useable for canopy and sunbed, right and left.

Ceramic socket R7s for Sunvision


Ceramic Vossloh socket R7s for Sunvision with face tanning.

Centrifugal fan 180mm


180mm radial fan. Roller Size: 180x60mm (excluding motor)

Thermo Switch 125 ° C


for example Alisun E24 face

Blue Filter facial tanner


Blue Filter for facial tanners Alisun sunbeds. Alisun Part Number: 345906 (replaces 345902)

Soladur glass facial tanner


Soladur UV-6-W heat glass for facial tanners Alisun sunbeds. Only to be used in combination with the blue filter!

Lamp-/ starter-holder for Salsa


Lamp-/ starter-holder for Alisun Salsa

Lamp-holder for Salsa


Lamp-holder for Alisun Salsa

Switchboard SP4 for Sunvison


Switchboard SP4 for Alisun Sunvison V-series like Sunvision (SV) V36 XL
Alisun SKU: 356224. Also replaces the SP5 switchboard.

Control unit BP2 for Sunvision 200-series


Control unit BP2 for Alisun Sunvision 200-series: SV 222 / SV 244 / SV 255
Alisun SKU: 356202

Switch board SP3 for Sunvision

€329,00 €299,00

Switch board SP3 (also named PCB power module) for Alisun Sunvision.
Used in Sunvision 200-series like SV 222, SV 244 en SV 255
Alisun part number: 356223

Sunvision control board BP7 master


Contol board BP7 for Alisun Sunvision 200-series: Sensation 226, Sunvision 228, 248 and 258.

Fan axial 12x12cm


This part is used with almost all brands of solarium's: Hapro, Alisun, Beauty Sun, Marisol, Alphasun, Palm Beach, and so on....

Main board 356513 for Alisun Sunvision


Main PCB bord for among others: Alisun V180, SV500
MPN - 98059B2, used in many different Alisun Sunvision models

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