Timers and buttons for Alisun Sunbeds

Min: €0 Max: €500

For Sunbed brand

For Alisun model:

Switch board SP3 for Sunvision

€329,00 €299,00

Switch board SP3 (also named PCB power module) for Alisun Sunvision.
Used in Sunvision 200-series like SV 222, SV 244 en SV 255
Alisun part number: 356223

PCB switchmodule SP2 for Alisun and Eurosolar.

€249,00 €149,00

PCB power module for Alisun and Eurosolar. Use in the Ambiance, Allura and Suncar

PCB Control unit for reception control


PCB Control unit for reception control Sunvison

Electric timer 30 minutes


Timer for Tanning Beds. Used by several brands like: Riho, Alphasun, Alisun, Cleosun etc. .
Not available any more! Alternative: See related products.

Timer Salsa AV6856A 30min.


Overrule timer Alisun and Eurosolar Sunlounge SALSA models. Type Invensys AV6856A . Works in conjunction with a overrule PCB.

Control unit NL2b60 Sunvision


Control unit for Alisun Sunvision 100 series (120 and 140) and Sunvision 28/32 SSS and FFF series, Sunvision Canopy 12, Sunvision 14 Soft canopy, Sunvision 14 Face canopy. Also replaces the NL1 control panel.

30 minutes timer Diehl


Used in eg older Alisun Sunbeds. For example: Alisun 1200H, 1200B, 1000H, 1000B, 900S. Other brands have also applied this timer.

Timer Button Salsa


Original timer button for Alisun / Euro Solar Salsa devices

Switchboard SP4 for Sunvison


Switchboard SP4 for Alisun Sunvison V-series like Sunvision (SV) V36 XL
Alisun SKU: 356224. Also replaces the SP5 switchboard.

Control unit BP2 for Sunvision 200-series


Control unit BP2 for Alisun Sunvision 200-series: SV 222 / SV 244 / SV 255
Alisun SKU: 356202

Timer 30min. NB6897 A Beauty Sun


Timer type: Invensys / Phoenix: NB6897 A
The flat side of the timer shaft is on the side.

Timer CV6887 A 30min.


Overrule timer for Beauty Sun solariums. Type Invensys CV6887 A . Works only together with a overrule PCB.

Timer button black


Black timer button, fits almost every timer.

Sunvision control board BP7 master


Contol board BP7 for Alisun Sunvision 200-series: Sensation 226, Sunvision 228, 248 and 258.

BF9 overlay for Alisun Sunvision


Overlay for the last 300, 400 en 500 series.
300-series: Sunvision 328, 348 en 368
400-series: Sunvision 428, 448, 468 en 488
500-series: Sunvision 528, 548, 568 en 588

Keypad foil BP7 main basic


BP7 Main membrane switches for Alisun Sunvision. From 3M, with self-adhesive backing

Keypad foil BP7 Audio


BP7 Audio membrane switches for Alisun Sunvision. From 3M, with self-adhesive backing

Keypad foil BP7 Audio-Aroma


BP7 Audio-Aroma membrane switches for Alisun Sunvision. From 3M, with self-adhesive backing

Main board 356513 for Alisun Sunvision


Main PCB bord for among others: Alisun V180, SV500
MPN - 98059B2, used in many different Alisun Sunvision models

Display PCB Sunvsion 356579 V-series


Display PCB complete with connection cable for the Sunvision V200 series.
Two LED digits

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