Alpha Industries

Min: €0 Max: €200

For Sunbed brand

Hapro model:

For Alisun model:

Timer 30min AJ6871A


Timer used amongst others in the Alpha Sunny Color and other Alphasun sunbeds.

Ballast 100W


For all tanning lamps with 100W

Cosmopower S Ignitor 400W


Ignitor for 250-400W HPA lamps as in face tanners from all brands of tanning beds is used. Is also used in Hapro and Philips Innergize.

Gas spring Alphasun 520N


Gas spring for Alphasun canopies mounted on a stand or bench.

Fan axial 12x12cm


This part is used with almost all brands of solarium's: Hapro, Alisun, Beauty Sun, Marisol, Alphasun, Palm Beach, and so on....