TL 176cm

Min: €0 Max: €20

Lamp type

Lamp characteristics

Built-in reflector

Maxlight 100W-R CE 0.3


Maxlight 100W tanning lamp with integrated reflector. Length: 176cm.

Maxlight 100W Combi CE III with integrated face tanner


Combi CE III Maxlight 100W lamp with integrated pink face tannen. Length: 176cm.

Cosmolux 10K100 R32 100W R 176cm

€19,50 €15,95

The Cosmedico 10K100® and 10K100®PLUS lamp series are the perfect upgrade for any tanning bed. These lamps provide absolute premium quality and generate a maximum tanning power, also in 0.3 solariums.

Cleo Performance 100W-S


Philips Cleo Cleo Performance 100W-S tanning lamp. UVB / UVA 1%

Wolff Natural SR 100W


Powerful and natural tanning lamp from Wolff. Fits in every sunbed and solarium with 100W / 176cm lamps.

Wolff Bellarium S-100W


The lamp with the most natural tanning results and the longest service life

Cleo Professional 100W-S


Philips Cleo Professional 100W-S tanning lamp. UVB / UVA 2.4%

Wolff Solarium Super Plus 100W


The best standard lamp. The Wolff Solarium Super Plus with 1% UVB / UVA. Natural tanning

Maxlight 100W CE III


The standard Maxlight 100W tanning lamp with 1.0% UVB. Length: 176cm.

Maxlight 100W High Intensive


The strongest Maxlight 100W lamp with 2.8% UVB. Length: 176cm. Tanning times are reduced by 35% in comparison to standard factory lamps.

Maxlight R-100W High Intensive


Strong reflector lamp by Maxlight. UV code 100-R-50/6,0 . Suitable for all appliances with 100W lamps of 176cm. UVB/UVA = 2,4%