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We stopped delivery to the UK (see explanation further below)



Zondag Zonnevakmensen

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5245 NL Rosmalen
The Netherlands

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +31 (0)73-205 3090


We can be reached by phone at:

Monday until Friday from 9h - 18h
Visits to the showroom by appointment only.



Business exports outside the Netherlands are delivered and invoiced without VAT. For intra-Community deliveries (within the EU) you must mark an order as business and provide a valid VAT number. After that, the amount to be settled is shown without VAT.

All Shipments outside the EU are delivered without VAT (also privat purchases) after you have entered your address details. 

Exception for the UK.

After Brexit, companies exporting to the UK will have to act as tax collectors. This applies to all orders under 135 pounds. (almost all our UK orders)
We have to charge 20% VAT and pay this to the UK government. That is too much work for a small business like we are, forcing us to stop exporting to the UK.