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Strength & UV code

All tanning lamps are provided with a UV code. This code is also called X/Y code.

With this code you know what type of lamp it is. Strength and  are indicated.
Here below the code of an example 100W lamp with reflector.

  1. 100 : Wattage of the lamp
  2. R : R =  with reflector, O = without reflector
  3. 34  : This is the X code. This number gives the total UV strength (wavelengths between 250nm - 400nm)
  4. 3.9 : This is the Y code. This number represents the ratio between UV-A and UV-B. The higher, the more UV-B. So the character of the lamp. (Character)

A lamp with reflector has an internal white reflector. This type of lamp only gives light on one side, but with double power.

A reflector lamp therefore has an X-code almost twice as high as the same lamp without a reflector.
That does NOT mean that it is actually twice as strong! A lamp without a reflector gives at least the same performance in a sunbed with a good mirror reflector.


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