TL facial tanners

Min: €0 Max: €25

For Sunbed brand

Hapro model:

For Alisun model:

Lamp type

Lamp characteristics

Built-in reflector

Maxlight 100W Combi CE III with integrated face tanner


Combi CE III Maxlight 100W lamp with integrated pink face tannen. Length: 176cm.

PL-L lamp holder horizontal 22-28mm


Discontinued: PL-L lamp holder for eg Sunvison models Alisun. Adjustable: 22-25-28mm. The above is the distance between the lamp and point of attachment of this holder.

Maxlight 25W CE III


Maxlight 25W tanning lamp. Is widely used as facial tanner or shoulder tanner.

Cosmedico Cosmolux Compact PL-L 36W


Double sided low pressure face tanner

Alisun Bright Performance Intensive S 55W


Facetanning Lamp for Professional Aliusun Sunvision Sunbeds

Collasun Power PLL 36W


Double sided low pressure face tanner lamp with red light for collagen stimulation.

PureSun Quasar PL-L 2.0 pink 36W


Double sided (PL-L) low pressure face tanner. Powerful lamp with 2.0% uv-b