HPA lamps

Min: €0 Max: €150

For Sunbed brand

Hapro model:

Lamp type

Built-in reflector

HPA Cosmedico 10K100 400 300-500W 106mm

€34,50 €27,50

Cosmedico 10K100® high pressure lamps complete the 10K100® DELUXE tanning lamps program. They captivate not only visually, but also have absolutely convincing inner values:

Cleo HPA 400/30 SD 400W R7s


HPA 400W lamp with R7s fitting and a length of 104mm

Cleo HPA 304 Synergy 300W


For all Innergixze models with InfraTan Like for example Philips (Hapro) HB935, HB937, HB947 HP8550, HP8560, HP8565 and HP8580. We also have the corresponding infrared lamp on our website

MaxLight HP 400 D


High Pressure HPA bulb 400W, 104mm with R7s push-in fitting.
This 104mm lamp is not suited for Philips & Hapro Sun Mobile / Mobile Sun foldaway tanners.

Cleo HPA 400 S


The original HPA400S developed by Philips. Flexpower, suitable for wattages from 400W to 600W. Since 2009 produced by Isolde Germany.

Pure Bronze PBO 400W C


Pure Bronze PBO 400W C. HPA lamp Sylvania with cable

HPA 400-520 Watt R7s


This lamp is used for Hapro models: Luxura X10 | Luxura V10
Base: R7s (clip-in)

Maxlight HPA 500W Single Ended


This lamp is used for Hapro model: Luxura X10

Socket R7s HB811 - HB975


Socket R7s for the HPA 400 S lamps used in Philips Sunmobile home solariums.

Facialburner 1000 Watt


This part is used for Hapro models: Model Luxura 630 | Luxura 730 | Luxura 620 | Luxura 720

Maxlight HP 400-600W D Flexpower


The Maxlight HP 400-600 flexpower 118mm is the factory fit for Hapro HP 8540 Mobile Suns. This lamp is also suited for all Philips Home Solarium lamps.

MaxLight HP 300W D


HPA lamp 300W. Original lamp for the Innergize models HB933, HB935, HB937, HB945, HP85502, HP8560, HP8565. Identical to the Synergy 300W lamp as it is in the Philips versions.