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For Sunbed brand

Hapro model:

For Alisun model:

Clevis fork M10 x 60mm


Clevis fork for gas spring with M10 thread. Without fast clip

Gas strut Alisun 1000KS 440N


Replacement gas spring for Alisun 1000KS (kombi of 1000H and 10000B) 23 150 445 G WG 440N. Length center to center attachment points: 445 mm. Stroke: 150 mm (= maximum compression).

Clevis fork M10 x 40mm


Clevis fork for gas spring with M10 thread. With fast clip

Gas spring Palm Beach 500N


Original Palm Beach gas spring. Delivered including ball heads and nuts. Total extended length: approximately 27 cm.

Gas spring 140-350 eye eye 500N


Replacement gas spring for the Stabilus Lift-O-Mat 760765 0500N
Used with GOLE-SUN Solariums

Gas spring for Philips HB604 and 3200SX 1530N


Gas spring for the Philips 3200SX and the Philips HB604. Strength: 1530N.
Original Stabilus article number: 5852TE 1530N 215/04 G 10
Original Philips part number: 9965 000 23863 (996500023863)

Gas spring Helios 585mm 300N


Gas spring for Helios and Solitair canopies with 250N to 300N springs. Gloss galvanized. center distance of mounting points: 585mm. Also replaces, among others, the Stabilus gas springs 497258 and 5331MD from 0300N

Gas spring Sunal 235-540 390N


Replacement gas spring for Sunal canopy. Strength 390N.
Replaces Stabilus Hydro-lift 593451
Comes with black plastic ball joints

Gas spring Beauty Sun HG 55cm 420N


Replace the Stabilus gas spring with Stabilus article number 8059CP. Used for different models of Beauty Sun solariums

Gas spring Alpha Sun 330N


Commonly used gas spring for Alpha Sun sunbeds. Both for the versions mounted on a sunbed and the version of the sunsky on a stand. This spring has a strength of 330N. The length of the spring heart to heart of the attachment points is 58 cm. The total le

Gas spring Opal 47cm 170N


This gas spring is more powerful than the original. Specially produced for Opal canopy's with 100W lamps. These lamps weigh more than the original thin Philips Cleo Effect 90W lamps.

Spring clamp for clevis M10 x 60


Axle with spring clamp for clevis M10 x 60

Gas strut Alisun 200-460 400N


Replacement gas spring for the Alisun 1000H with facial tanner on a TD tripod.

Gas spring Beauty Sun 50cm HG 430N


Gas spring for Beauty Sun sun canopies. Replaces the Stabilus gas spring with number: 976202. Length center to center mounting points: 503mm. Color: Gloss galvanized

Gas spring JK Soltron 390N


Replacement gas spring for the original Stabilus gas spring with article number 194417. Strength 390N

Gas spring Hapro Opal 47cm HG 130N

€55,00 €49,00

This gas spring is equal to the original one. So only suitable when the Opal is equipped with 90W lamps! If there are already 100W lamps fitted in your Opal, this gas spring is not suitable. Then take the 170N version.