Gas spring 1200 kombi 600N (Alisun)

For Alisun 1200KS (KS = Canopy + Bench).
1200H and 1200B combination.
TL = 514mm

Article number: ZO00628

Gas spring for Alisun 1200 combi (1200K = 1200H +1200B)  and 1200KFT (see picture)

  • Force:  600N
  • Color: 
  • Replaces the 23-200-520 GWG 610N gas spring of older 1200 sunbeds.
  • Also replaces teh combination of these gas springs 1x 550N + 1x 700N
Strength: 600N
L (length): 452mm
H (stroke): 133mm
TL (total length): 514mm
B1 (mounting part): Not included
B2 (mounting part): Not included
Color: zinc plated
Original part: No