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For Sunbed brand

For Alisun model:

Gas spring Alisun 125/427 340N


Gas spring used for combi models: . Ambiance 24 face | Allura 26 soft | E20 plus | E24 plus | Desire 24 face | Expression XL 26s4 | .
Original Alisun number: 346167.
Original Article number: 1002PD (and 8456EV 350N)

Switchboard SP4 for Sunvison


Switchboard SP4 for Alisun Sunvison V-series like Sunvision (SV) V36 XL
Alisun SKU: 356224. Also replaces the SP5 switchboard.

Gas spring Sunvision 1200N


Replacement gas spring for Sunvision C12f and C14S .
DOMOR 95-167-403/1200N

Gas spring Alisun 125-427 300N


Gas spring used for Alisun Allura, Expression ( XL) and other Alisun sunbeds were 300N gas springs were fitted.

Timer Button Salsa


Original timer button for Alisun / Euro Solar Salsa devices

Gas spring Sunvision 1300N


replacement gas spring for Sunvision C14f, 120, 200 and 220.
DOMOR 95-167-403/1300N.

Gas spring Alisun ETS 425N


For Alisun ETS and Sunstar models with three adjustment options on the stand. HOLOR90 126-425

Gas spring Alisun 1000 KS combi 480N


For Alisun 1000KS (KS = Canopy + Bench).
1000H +1000B combi with 20 lamps.
Older number was: 23 150 445 G WG 480N.
TL = 447mm

Mounting kit kombi Allura or Ambiance


Complete mounting kit for the Alisun (EuroSolar) combi models. Fits all models (exception: E-models)

Gas spring Alisun 125/427 240N


Gas spring used for combi models: . E20 E24 | Expression 20 and 24 | Desire 20 and 24| Sunstar 22 and 24.

Switch board SP3 for Sunvision

€329,00 €299,00

Switch board SP3 (also named PCB power module) for Alisun Sunvision.
Used in Sunvision 200-series like SV 222, SV 244 en SV 255
Alisun part number: 356223

Gas spring Alisun 125/427 400N


Gas spring used for combi models: . E24 soft | Ambiance 24 soft | Expression 24 soft | Desire 20 soft and 24 soft.
Original Alisun number: 346168.
Original Article number: 1003PZ of 8458EL

Gas spring 1200 kombi 550N


For Alisun 1200KS (KS = Canopy + Bench).
1200H and 1200B combination.
TL = 514mm

Gas spring Alisun 19-200-530 400N


For Alisun sunsky. Original code 19 200 230 G WG 400N

Control unit NL2b60 Sunvision


Control unit for Alisun Sunvision 100 series (120 and 140) and Sunvision 28/32 SSS and FFF series, Sunvision Canopy 12, Sunvision 14 Soft canopy, Sunvision 14 Face canopy. Also replaces the NL1 control panel.

Blue Filter facial tanner


Blue Filter for facial tanners Alisun sunbeds. Alisun Part Number: 345906 (replaces 345902)

Soladur glass facial tanner


Soladur UV-6-W heat glass for facial tanners Alisun sunbeds. Only to be used in combination with the blue filter!

Gasveer Sunvision 2100N


replacement gas spring for a series of Sunvision models.
See the information tab on the detail page.
DOMOR 95-167-403/2100N.

Gas spring Alisun 126-425 550N


Gas spring used for combi model Alisun E34 plus

Gas spring Alisun 19-200-530 520N


For Alisun sunsky. Original code 19 200 230 G WG 520N

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