RFI filter Alisun (Alisun)

Replacement RFI filter for Alisun sunbeds. We ship the netfilter on the second image.

Article number: ZO00559
  • The illustrated version is now replaced by a better and more robust version below.
  • The new version comes with a 5-way terminal block and mounting strap (Tyrap)
  • Old part numbers: L05527 354214

RFI filter nieuw Alisun

Connect in the same order as the old type. Numbers below correspond to the numbers on the picture.

  1. Earth like the old filter: just leave the two wires on one side.
  2. The blue wire originating from of the power cord. (Input)
  3. The brown wire from the power cord. (Input)
  4. The other blue wire from the old RFI filter (output)
  5. The other brown wire from the old RFI filter (output)

With the Tyrap the netfilter can be attached on the chasis of the canopy.