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For Sunbed brand

Hapro model:

For Alisun model:

Lamp type

Lamp characteristics

Built-in reflector

60 minutes timer switch Diehl double pole


Used eg in the Philips / Hapro HB404 Summerglow. Can also be used for the Alisun 1200H, 1200B, 1000H, 1000B, 900S. Other brands have used this double pole timer.

NTC 22 Philips / Hapro Suncare


NTC resistor (thermistor) for Philips Suncare / Hapro Mobile Sun / Innergize

Maxlight 100W CE III


The standard Maxlight 100W tanning lamp with 1.0% UVB. Length: 176cm.

Infrared Lamp Philips & Hapro Innergize


1100W For all models Innergize. Length 254mm. Original Hapro/Philips. Philips number: 422206296300.

Maxlight HP 400-600W D Flexpower


The Maxlight HP 400-600 flexpower 118mm is the factory fit for Hapro HP 8540 Mobile Suns. This lamp is also suited for all Philips Home Solarium lamps.

Gas Spring Topaz 1150N


Also for Philips HB558, HB566, HB567, HB568 and HB585

Innergize HP8580 Sunmobile


The latest improved Hapro Innergize HP8580. With new design control unit for simple operation and ease of use.

MaxLight HP 300W D


HPA lamp 300W. The same lamp as our Synergy lamp. Original lamp for the Innergize models HB933, HB935, HB937, HB945, HP85502, HP8560, HP8565. Identical to the Synergy 300W lamp as it is in the Philips versions.

Maxlight 100W Combi CE III with integrated face tanner


Combi CE III Maxlight 100W lamp with integrated pink face tannen. Length: 176cm.

60 minutes Diehl timer switch single pole


Used in Philips / Hapro Summer Glow HB 175 | Summer Glow HB 404

Maxlight 100W High Intensive


The strongest Maxlight 100W lamp with 2.8% UVB. Length: 176cm. Tanning times are reduced by 35% in comparison to standard factory lamps.

Acrylic for Onyx & Jade bench


This part is used for Hapro models: Jade | Onyx

Acrylic sheet bench Onyx Pro-Line


This part is used for Hapro models: Onyx Pro-line

Acrylic sheet Onyx & Jade canopy


This part is used for Hapro models: Jade | Onyx | Onyx Pro-line | Pro-line V

Maxlight L 100W CE III


190cm 1.0% lamp for example Hapro Onyx, Alisun / Euro Solar Allura and all other sunbeds with 190cm lamps with 100 to 120 watts

Timer 45 minutes electric


Original overrule timer for Hapro and Philips HP8540 models. Maximum time: 45min. Suitable for circuits with an overrule print (watchdog). Replaces ok the 60min. switching timer from other Philips 3-lamp models

Gas spring 800N (also replaces 850N)


This part is used for Hapro models: Sapphire | Jade | Onyx | Synergy and a lot of older types with 850N.

Maxlight L 100W-R High Intensive


Strongest 190cm 2.5% tubotanner lamp for example Hapro Onyx, Alisun / Euro Solar Allura and all other sunbeds with 190cm lamps with 100 to 120 watts

Maxlight R-100W High Intensive


Strong reflector lamp by Maxlight. UV code 100-R-50/6,0 . Suitable for all appliances with 100W lamps of 176cm. UVB/UVA = 2,4%

Scent granules for Hapro & Philips Innergize


Original Hapro scent granules for the Innergize and Topaz models. Delicious fresh scent in three separate packages. Also suitable for all Philips models that use scent granules.

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