Gas spring Alisun 1000 KS combi 480N (Alisun)

For Alisun 1000KS (KS = Canopy + Bench).
1000H +1000B combi with 20 lamps.
TL = 415mm.
Code: 23 150 415 G WG 480N

Article number: ZO02582
For Alisun 1000KS (KS = Canopy + Bench)
1000H +1000B combi with 20 lamps
TL = 415mm
Code: 23 150 415 G WG 480N
Strength: 480N
L (length): 353mm
H (stroke): 150mm
TL (total length): 415mm
B1 (mounting part): Not included
B2 (mounting part): Not included
Color: zinc plated
Original part: No