Gas spring Alisun 125/427 400N (Alisun)

Gas spring used for combi models: . E24 soft | Ambiance 24 soft | Expression 24 soft | Desire 20 soft and 24 soft.
Original Alisun number: 346168.
Original Article number: 1003PZ of 8458EL

Article number: ZO02602
Alisun Model Sterkte (N)
Allura 26 face 2x 400
Expression 26s8 2x 400
Expression XL 26 face 2x 400
Strength: 400N
L (length): 427mm
H (stroke): 125mm
TL (total length): 487mm
B1 (mounting part): Not included
B2 (mounting part): Not included
Color: Gray
Original part: Yes