Gas spring Alisun 150/355 750N (Alisun)

Gas spring for Alisun E10 and E12 on G-stand. EGS10 and EGS12

Article number: ZO00070
Type Newton (N)
EGS 10 2x 580
EGS 10 soft 2x 650
EGS 10 plus 2x 825
EGS 12 2x 650
EGS 12 soft 2x 825
EGS 12 plus 2 x860 (1x825 1x900)
EGS 14 2x 650
EGS 14 soft 2x 825
EGS 34 2x 825
Strength: 750N
L (length): 355mm
H (stroke): 150mm
TL (total length): 419mm
B1 (mounting part): Not included
B2 (mounting part): Not included
Color: zinc plated
Original part: No