The newest model Hapro Innergize HP8580 Sunmobile with UV and infrared lamps (Hapro)

The latest improved Hapro Innergize HP8580. With new design control unit for simple operation and ease of use.

Article number: HP8580
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Everyone has their own plans and dreams for life, but there is one thing we all share:
the desire for individual relaxation and tranquillity, so we can remain attractive, fit and
healthy. The luxurious Hapro Innergize, with its unique design and numerous functions, is
the ideal full body wellness solarium for home use.
In the Innergize’s new light, vitality means lovely intense muscle and joint warming, better
circulation and pure relaxation, all through its infrared lighting. While at the same time,
ultraviolet lighting gives you a fresh tan, ensuring that you look good and fit – a perfect
soothing effect. This combination makes the Hapro Innergize unique. Aromatherapy
fragrances give the final touch to your wellness experience.
The Innergize is remarkably compact and user-friendly. When folded,
it is no bigger than a sports bag. It takes less than 10 seconds to unfold it ready for use, and it’s just as easy to put it away again. On top of that, the Innergize’s wheels make it easy to store and move around.
The Hapro Innergize is the cutting edge of wellness-comfort. Besides combined infrared and ultraviolet lighting, it lets you use infrared alone whenever you want. Nothing can be more flexible and energy efficient. Whether you want to relax and gently tan your whole body or just a certain part, Hapro Innergize can do it. The digital display makes it easy to use the menu, and thanks to the snooze function, you can enjoy that relaxing feeling just that little bit longer. It’s even possible to repeat the entire session by simply pressing one button.


  Innergize HP8580
Lamps 2 x 300W UV-HPA + 2 x 1100W IR
Ability 2.2 KW
Reflector parabolic reflector
Effective tanning surface 190 x 70cm
Weight 19.2 kg
Optimum distance yes
Digital control with touch screen yes
Analog timer na
Digital timer yes
Road signal yes
Partial body-session yes
Infrared only to yes
UV + IR at the same time yes
Hourmeter yes
Snooze function yes

2 x 1100W infrared lamp
2 x 300W UV-lamp HPA
Parabolic reflector
Distance Determination with built-in tape measure
Digital timer
Snooze function
Repeat function (after turning)
Half-body session possible
Infrared also be used without UV lamps
Power: 2200W
Color: Pure White
Weight: 19.2 kg

UV lamps: 2x 300W HPA Synergy
IR lamps: 2 x 1100W
Reflector: Parabolic
Tanning area: 190x70cm
Distance determination: Yes
Touch screen: Yes
Digital timer: Yes
Hour meter: Yes
Snooze function: Yes
Repeat function: Yes
Alarm: Yes
Aromatherapy: Yes
UV+IR simultaneous: Yes
Only IR: Yes
UV goggles: 2x
Power: 2.2kW
Weight: ca.19kg
Colour: White