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For Sunbed brand

Gas spring Philips HP3701 HB851-HB863


Gas spring for Philips Sunmobile models HP3701 and HB851 to HB863. Brand: Stabilus. Online Manual availabele (see information tab)

Gas spring HB578, HB579, HB580 & HB581


Replacement gas spring for the Philips HB578, HB579, HB580 and HB581 Sunstudio sunbeds.
Strength: 1200N

Remote control for Philips Sun Mobile


Original remote for Philips Sunmobile models.
No longer available in this color, but we do have a good Philips alternative.
Look below at related articles to the remote control for the HB604.

Gas spring Philips SunStudio HB588 through HB595


Replacement gas spring for the Philips HB588, HB589, HB590, HB591 and HB595 SunStudio sunbeds.
Strength: 1500N

Philips Body Tone Starter 25-100W


The Body Tone Starter Philips from Bodytone range of Philips / Isolde. Suitable for all lamps between 25 and 100 watts

Philips HP3140 Gas spring 200N


Gas spring for Philips HP3140

Remote control for Philips HB604


Remote for Philips sunbed HB604 (3200SX). Also fit for Sun Mobile models HB950 to HB977.
Philips product number: 996500026830 (9965 000 26830)

Starlock cap 10mm (2 pieces)


Set of 2 washers for attaching the bottom of the gas springs for Philips HB578 and HB579 solariums. Philips part: cap spring fix 10 mm with article number 996500002909 Position 51 of the service manual

Philips S2 Starter 4-22W


Philips S2 starter. Suitable for all lamps between 4 and 22 watts

Philips HP3141 Gas spring 400N


Gas spring for Philips HP3141

Gas spring for Philips HB554, HB555 en HB556


Gas spring with part of the height adjustment stand of the Philips HB554, HB555 and HB556

Gas spring 450N


Gas spring for the combination of a RIHO 1100 sun-sky with a RIHO 1100 sunbed.