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Hapro model:

For Alisun model:

Lamp type

Lamp characteristics

Built-in reflector

Cleo Performance 100W-S


Philips Cleo Cleo Performance 100W-S tanning lamp. UVB / UVA 1%

Cleo HPA 400 S


The original HPA400S developed by Philips. Flexpower, suitable for wattages from 400W to 600W. Since 2009 produced by Isolde Germany.

Infrared-sauna lamp R7s 28,5cm 300W


300W R7s replacement lamp for infrared saunas with 300 and 500W lamps from Jokey, Bruynzeel and New Trend.

Gas spring HB578, HB579, HB580 & HB581


Replacement gas spring for the Philips HB578, HB579, HB580 and HB581 Sunstudio sunbeds.
Strength: 1200N

Main board 356513 for Alisun Sunvision


Main PCB bord for among others: Alisun V180, SV500
MPN - 98059B2, used in many different Alisun Sunvision models

Timer Button Salsa


Original timer button for Alisun / Euro Solar Salsa devices

Gas spring Philips HP3701 HB851-HB863


Gas spring for Philips Sunmobile models HP3701 and HB851 to HB863. Brand: Stabilus. Online Manual availabele (see information tab)

Socket R7s HB811 - HB975


Socket R7s for the HPA 400 S lamps used in Philips Sunmobile home solariums.

Cleo Professional 100W-S


Philips Cleo Professional 100W-S tanning lamp. UVB / UVA 2.4%

Starter Maxlight 80-180W


Starter for lamps from 80W to 180W

Cleo HPA 304 Synergy 300W


For all Innergixze models with InfraTan Like for example Philips (Hapro) HB935, HB937, HB947 HP8550, HP8560, HP8565 and HP8580. We also have the corresponding infrared lamp on our website

Gas spring for Philips HB554, HB555 en HB556


Gas spring with part of the height adjustment stand of the Philips HB554, HB555 and HB556

Maxlight HP 400-600W D Flexpower


The Maxlight HP 400-600 flexpower 118mm is the factory fit for Hapro HP 8540 Mobile Suns. This lamp is also suited for all Philips Home Solarium lamps.

Hinge Jokey IR cabin (1 piece)


Hinge with brushed stainless steel look. Supplied per piece, not per set.

Maxlight 100W High Intensive


The strongest Maxlight 100W lamp with 2.8% UVB. Length: 176cm. Tanning times are reduced by 35% in comparison to standard factory lamps.

Gas spring Alisun Sunvision 1150N


replacement gas spring for Sunvision C12 and C12S . Shipped as 1200N!.
DOMOR 95-167-403/1150N

Innergize HP8580 Sunmobile


The latest improved Hapro Innergize HP8580. With new design control unit for simple operation and ease of use.

Maxlight 100W CE III


The standard Maxlight 100W tanning lamp with 1.0% UVB. Length: 176cm.

Cosmopower S Ignitor 400W


Ignitor for 250-400W HPA lamps as in face tanners from all brands of tanning beds is used. Is also used in Hapro and Philips Innergize.

Cosmolux 10K100 R32 100W R 176cm

€19,50 €15,95

The Cosmedico 10K100® and 10K100®PLUS lamp series are the perfect upgrade for any tanning bed. These lamps provide absolute premium quality and generate a maximum tanning power, also in 0.3 solariums.

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